Wii Rule

I don’t normally post stuff which isn’t development related, but after such a fun evening I couldn’t resist.

I popped into the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street last Friday to purchase a copy of Singstar for a barbecue and party I was going to over the weekend.

Well, just inside the store were a few small boards advertising that they now had Wii’s in-stock. I headed upstairs to the game department to buy Singstar and as I was paying asked whether they still had any. They did, and a few minutes later I’d bought a Wii, an extra controller and a copy of Wario’s Smooth Moves.

I’ve never had so much fun playing on a games console before. After a particularly stressful day I ‘unleashed the fury’ in a surprisingly competitve game of Bowling with my flatmate. It was a very cathartic experience, plus I won 3 games to 2 :). Following that, our other flatmate broke from his work and joined us to play Baseball. He howled with laughter the first time he moved the controller around to see his Wii Mii making the same movements on screen. Watching one person throw to bowl, and the other then following shortly to swing for the ball was particularly funny.

As for Wario Smooth Moves, it’s the weirdest game I’ve ever played but also insanely addictive - pumping your hands up and down to pop the balloon, and moving your hands back and forth in a sawing motion to sweep the floor during a curling game are just 2 examples of the fantastically funny mini-games.

So far I’m thrilled… I can’t wait for the second Nunchuck controller and Mario Strikers Charged Football to arrive and try it out over the Internet.

All in all, probably the games console I’ve purchased and the one which everyone (including a skeptical flatmate) has been incredibly impressed with.