I'm not so sure I LoveFilm

So here’s one for Marc McNeill.

I received a promotional offer from LoveFilm.com (one of the UK DVD rental companies) over Christmas and I figured I’d take advantage and give it a go again (I found I never used it last time).

Well, turns out I was wrong, I haven’t changed. I borrowed some DVDs of Lost (in the incorrect order I might add) and I’m yet to watch the episodes. Today I received another email with recommendations, prompting me that I needed to do this.

I logged into my account and found where I could cancel my account. I click the button to cancel and then see the following:

To confirm your cancellation please call us on 0800 091 1514.
A member of our Customer Services team is standing by waiting to speak to you they will be able to take you through the rest of the cancellation process as there are a couple of questions we need to ask you.

Why is it so complicated? What a sucky experience.