DNS Hosting Recommendations Requested

Dear Lazyweb,

I am in the process of consolidating a lot of the various VPSes and hosting accounts I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve had a great time with RimuHosting and would still absolutely recommend them to people, but, I ended up hosting most of my apps at my MediaTemple GridServer account, leaving my VPS at Rimu to just serve up SVN and some static stuff for friends.

One of the things I love about RimuHosting is they provide a great little DNS administration area, providing realtime-ish DNS updates. I can host as many domains as I like, and it’s nicely redundant with a couple of servers across their various datacenters.

I’m sticking with my $15 entry-level Joyent/TextDrive account for email (roll on the IronPort filtering!) and simple site hosting for friends. I’ve got a Small Accelerator for deploying other apps I’m working on, and, this blog.

I only have a handful of domains, but, I’d like to have a nice clean consolidated interface for managing it all, allowing easy updates and management.

EasyDNS is the obvious choice (to my mind). But, it’s a little more expensive (at $20 per domain per year) than I’m prepared to go for. It would work out to over $120 for the year!

So, what else is there? Anyone have any good recommendations?