Curse You Apple

So it looks like I’ve managed to butcher the power adapter/power socket on my PowerBook. I’ve managed to keep it in absolute pristine condition for the last 2 years or so, but a few months ago I accidentally kicked the power adapter causing the cable to go flying out. No big deal, the green light came back on and all has been well.

Until now. For some reason, I now can’t get it to charge at all. I plug the cable in, nothing, no light comes on and no charge is being picked up.

Onto the Apple Store I go to figure out how much it’s going to cost to replace. £55. And that’s ignoring the fact that I can’t order one because it’s showing delivery of 2-4 weeks.

My only option is to hope the Apple Store on Regent Street have some, and that I can somehow get over there in the next evening or so. Oh, and that they carry them. And that it’s my power adapter and not my PowerBook. If kicking the cable causing it to come out of the socket kills the socket, that has to be a particularly duff piece of design.

Ah well, fingers crossed it all works out well. My Aperture and Rails dabblings will have to wait another day - I’ve just about used the last of my remaining charge to write this.