New Typo Theme

If you’re viewing this through your web-browser then you will (hopefully) notice the new theme that I’m trialling. I was previously using Hemingway a brilliant theme produced for the original Typo theme contest at TypoGarden.

Although I loved its two column layout, it could become a little difficult to read the home-page, and for the usual sidebar stuff (links to archives, searching and the like) you had to scroll to the bottom of the page, not that great a usability thing.

Then today I noticed Brighthouse on the TypoGarden site. It’s a much lighter, brighter looking theme, and hopefully just as clear and perhaps even a little more usable?

So, to all those who have seen the site both pre and post Hemingway, how do you feel? Think it’s worth the swap? Or am I to expect a great swathe of unapologetic apathy :)