Double Christmas Bonus

I noticed the other day that Flickr are now offering unlimited uploads for Pro accounts - previously it was set to 2 gigabytes. Not sure when that happened, but I only just noticed.

Not only that, but I’ve got a lovely shiny new Nikon D200 to fill it with! So far I’m pretty darn thrilled - from the couple of photos I’ve taken so far with it they seem to have a real, natural quality to them.

And since I’ve now got unlimited uploads, I can upload away to my heart’s content! Just need to start taking more pictures.

Incidentally, I also purchased a license for FlickrExport (for Aperture) too - I can now export to Flickr directly from Aperture! Oh, and I had a few problems initially because the full-resolution photos I were uploading were each over 10MB - Flickr’s limit per-file. Reducing the JPEG quality one stop for my export settings did the trick.