Flickr Plugin for Mephisto

I spent some time the other day putting together a plugin for Mephisto that would let me display a small selection of photos from my Flickr feed - you’ll see the results on the right side if you’re looking at this through my site.

Well, the first cut is done and seems to be working fine with a good response inside the Mephisto Google Group.

To install, you’ll need to change to your mephisto install’s directory and run

$ script/install plugin

then inside your template you’ll be able to use the following:

{% flickrphotostream feed: count: 6 %}  {{pic.title}}{% endflickrphotostream %}

I’m working on writing up some of the things I came across whilst I was working on it. I wasn’t happy with a few things (most importantly, the tests), and I’ve already started tinkering with the code again to improve it a little.

But, if you’re running Mephisto and want some Flickr goodness feel free to give it a try!